Monday, March 12, 2007

No Coherence Whatsoever

For anyone not in the mood to follow my usual meanderings, have I got a post for you: random bullets!

-- I am a soccer mom now. Sean had his first game yesterday; he seems to have polished up his abilities a bit since his last soccer experience but has not lost any of his enthusiasm. It's quite adorable to watch. Except for that I don't actually LIKE soccer, I can think of worse ways to spend our Sundays afternoons this spring.

-- I don't know how it happened, but I found myself applying some of Stacy and Clinton's What Not to Wear guidelines yesterday. I bought this cropped jacket a few months ago, thinking it would be flattering. After wearing it a few times, I realized that it is anything but flattering. What I needed, instead, was a jacket with a nipped waist that gives the illusion of a waist instead of a jacket that lets everyone see, in no uncertain terms, that there is actually no waist to be had. A jacket, in fact, that I ALREADY OWNED but had forgotten about. This is what happens when you wear jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt every single day.

-- I hate when Stacy and Clinton are right.

-- It's a lovely, warm-ish afternoon. I should begin to feel my soul lifting any minute now.

-- (Looks at watch). Still waiting.

-- I have to go distribute our neighborhood watch newsletter now. Did I ever mention how Jeff volunteered me for this gig about a year and a half ago? The man who coordinates the newsletter was walking down our street and asked Jeff if he'd be interested in helping out. "No, but my wife can. She's staying at home now." Of course! Walking up and down our street, leafleting and risking actual human contact with our neighbors? Wait, can I take the kids along so that the whole process takes three times as long? Okay, great, sign me up!

-- On the other hand, what's the rush? I've had the current newsletter for over a month.

-- Okay, okay, I'll go do my civic duty.