Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend Snippet

Have I mentioned that we signed Sean up for Tot Soccer? It's quite adorable, all these 3- to -5-year-olds chasing after a single soccer ball. What Sean lacks in natural athletic aggressiveness he makes up for in team spirit. He's the most enthusiastic kid in the class -- whenever the coach says, "Are we ready?", you can hear Sean's voice above all the others: "YEAH!!!" he shouts, and raises his arms above his head in a triumphant, two-fisted salute.

When I asked him why he tends to hang back from the other kids as they trip over themselves to get to the ball, he replied, "I just want them to give the ball to me. Then I'll kick it!" Is it too early to disabuse him of the notion that altruism is a prevalent philosophy practiced on the playing field?

After soccer class, the kids get to play in this enormous "Fun Zone." It's a three-story-high climbing play structure that swallows kids whole. Good luck to any parent who wishes to first find and then extract his or her child in less than 20 minutes. It's actually a bit frightening!

On Saturday, about 30 seconds after Sean and Allie entered the belly of the beast, Allie marched on out. "I'm NOT playing," she announced. "I'm SO mad and I'm NOT playing." Apparently some older kids were blocking her path. Did they not get the memo that Her Royal Highness must be granted immediate access to any location she wishes to enter? At any rate, all she really wanted to do was vent, for after a few additional declamations about how she was NOT playing, she trotted off once again to play.

On a completely unrelated note, guess what? I'm now the proud owner of my very own iPod Nano, courtesy of my thoughtful, ever-lovin' husband in honor of my thirty-seventh (gasp, wheeze, THUNK) birthday today. Imagine how many eighties tunes I can cram in there!