Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Belated Boo

Cuteness overload around here yesterday. Trick or treating was a smashing success, a complete reversal of last year's debacle.

Sean was a construction worker, deliberatley NOT Bob the Builder at first. But so many people said, "Oh, look, Bob the Builder!" that Sean assimilated the persona midway through our trek through the neighborhood. When we got about halfway up each house's walk, he'd announce "Trick or Treat! Bob the Builder here!"

Allie was a tiger, albeit a slightly tired and quiet one. And a little grabby -- when a whole bowl of candy is proferred and you're encourgaged to serve yourself, why settle for one piece when you can snatch a fistful?

Keeping with our family moto, "No Outing Is Complete without the Parents Being at Least Slightly Embarrassed," when Sean received a small bag of M&Ms, he informed the homeowner, "I get M&Ms when I poop in the potty!" (Which, I must add for clarity, has happened only three times.)

Obligatory photos here.