Monday, November 01, 2004

Don't Believe the (Halloween) Hype

Unlike my husband, the Halloween Grinch, I've been looking forward to Halloween this year. This was the year that Sean would be able to grasp, albeit incompletely, the concept of FREE CANDY in return for minimal effort.

Last Halloween, Allison was only a few weeks old, and Sean was really too little to understand the holiday. So I dressed him as a tiger for a mini-parade my sister had for Sean and the other kids she watches, and he wore the costume while I handed out candy at our house. Allison rested in the Snuggli, wearing a fetching pumpkin hat.

Ever since then, I'd been eager to see how excited Sean would be about Halloween this year. I had it all planned: He'd be a firefighter, Allison would be a sheep, we'd go trick or treating on our block, and the Cuteness Quotient would buoy us throughout the neighborhood.

I switched on the All Hallow's Eve hype machine about a week ago. I showed Sean his costume and gave him an overview of the trick-or-treating process. Until he overcame the linguistic hurdle, he told us that he'd be saying "Turkey treat!" He seemed excited about being Fire Fighter Chief Sean.

And so we come to the Big Day 2004. All morning we talked about trick or treating. Late in the afternoon, I dressed Allison in her costume; Jeff and my mom began trying to get Sean ready. Allison was remarkably compliant---she didn't even seem to mind her little sheep's cap.

But Sean? Well, you can see where this is going. He would have none of it. Despite all our cajoling, he wanted only to continue playing outside with "my friend Daddy." He balked over getting dressed and then, after grudgingly donning his rain slicker and hat, wouldn't stay still for pictures. Then he took the costume off. Then he started crying.

After convincing him to put on the costume again, I wound up having to carry him to two of our neighbors' houses. Then we went back home.

The End.

2005 will be the year for sure.