Thursday, January 08, 2009

Yawn, Stretch, Try to Come to Life ...*

Although in January that might be asking too much.

So, hi, how are you? I've been feeling like the blogosphere wraith lately -- not posting, not commenting, just ... hovering, I guess.

I don't have much to report from my 2 months of silence. Christmas was great, Sean did not wail in abject disappointment over the fact that Santa didn't bring him a DS system for Christmas (because Santa isn't quite ready to head down the computer game path), and I somehow managed to avoid overindulging in Christmas cookies.

Which brings me to my Christmas present to myself, a gym membership. I haven't belonged to a gym in about 10 years, and it's taken me about 7 years (coinciding pretty much with Sean's birth) to feel like it's okay to devote some time to the selfish pursuit of fitness. I see now that it's not really selfish at all -- it's a gift not just to myself but to my family to be as healthy as possible. So concomitant with my new regimen (going to the gym every day since New Year's, a pace I know I won't be keeping forever) is a continued dietary overhaul. And if you are aware of just how picky my palate is, you know that the foods in play are so limited to begin with that all this tinkering just further narrows the field. But one of the benefits of liking a narrow range of foods to begin with is that I'm used to eating the same things all the time anyway! Jeff's been quite supportive, even though he has been heard to grumble, "Just because you're eating better doesn't mean I have to suffer!"

I feel quite invigorated by this new chapter -- here's hoping it doesn't suffer the fate of most New Year's resolutions.

*How often does one get to quote Dolly Parton?