Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yes, I Know It's Almost the End of September

In my continued neglect of my blog, I am guilty of unfair and unbalanced photo representation for the first day of school, female edition.

Here's my girl 2 weeks ago, about to embark on her first five-days-a-week school year:

She's attending a transitional kindergarten program this year, five afternoons a week. I've come to peace with the fact that she misses our school system's cutoff for kindergarten by a day and thus couldn't start regular kindergarten this year. I suppose it's an institutionally mandated form of redshirting, but regardless I think that she'll really benefit from another year to mature emotionally. Her tantrums have diminished over the past year, but her trigger switch is still alarmingly flimsy.

And unlike last year's difficult social scene, she seems much more at ease, much more open to making friends. I no longer have to worry about peeking through the classroom door and seeing her standing by herself, staring at the floor.

What a difference a year makes!