Monday, August 04, 2008

Project Runway, Here I Come

Such was my guilt over Allie's accident (she's all better now -- thanks for the kind words!) that I may actually have agreed to a trip to Target for a toy of her choice.

And I may actually have agreed to uphold this agreement when it became obvious that "her choice" was to be found residing in the *gulp* Barbie aisle.

Friends, I bought my daughter a Barbie.

And not just any Barbie. Wedding Day Barbie.

Whatever feminist credibility I had remaining is now in tatters.

Before Barbie could get married*, Allie insisted that she get changed into another outfit. A pants outfit. We have no Barbie clothes, and the suggestion that Barbie wear a princess dress instead (okay, I had no feminist credibility going into this after all) was met with derision.

When in a bind, improvise! I took two filmy scarves that I once wore to work and fashioned a halter top and odd-looking harem-type pants from them. Witness this haute couture:

Barbie wore this outfit for 15 seconds before donning her wedding dress again. Hmmph. Fashion diva.

*To Buzz Lightyear. I officiated in the civil ceremony.