Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh, Right, the Blog

Lately I've been having to remind myself that I should be posting something every now and then. I appear to be in one of the numerous blogging valleys that have characterized my almost FOUR (FOUR!!) years of self-indulgent narcissistic Internet navel-gazing.

Not much has been going on. Well, within my four walls, that is. Other families have been busy, busy, busy. My nephew's, for one. His daughter was born this afternoon. I am so thrilled for him and his girlfriend, so thrilled that I will forgive them for making me a great-aunt. I haven't yet met my new great-niece, but I hope to tomorrow.

I'm having a hard time wrapping my wee brain around the fact that my nephew -- the little boy who sang "Beat It" into his Michael Jackson microphone on Christmas Eve, the ten-year-old Little League pitcher who fell prostate on the mound after his pitch struck a batter, the eighth-grader who wore out a tee-shirt emblazoned with Kurt Cobain's suicide note -- is 27, and a father.

Amazing, this circle of life thing.