Tuesday, January 01, 2008

...And A Happy New Year

To resume blogging exercises, I have to limber up gently. So this will be short -- I don't want to pull a muscle or something!

We had a splendid Christmas. I just love the ages of my kids right now; if anything could shake my feeling that Christmas can be a hollow exercise in commercialism, it is their excitement over the holiday, and their belief in the magic of it all.

We spent Christmas Eve at my sister's house, Christmas day at ours, and then we visited Jeff's family for a few days. We'd been on the fence about going out there because Jeff's mom has been wiped out by her treatment, and the prospect of hosting two noisy, disruptive children (even ones she adores) was something she had to consider carefully.

In the end, we all decided it would be okay -- with the provision that the kids be on their best behavior. I think the message sunk in; Sean and Allie had only one squabble in three days! My mother-in-law looks more exhausted and drawn than I've ever seen her, but she was quite gracious despite the upheaval we tend to bring about. She has just finished a month of daily IV treatments, and now is starting the three-times-a-week regimen of injections. She's hoping that the lower dose she'll now be receiving will be less debilitating than the IV version.

We got home on Sunday night, and yesterday we all actually went to a New Year's Eve party! Lots of fun, especially for the kids. Jeff and I are unaccustomed to going out on New Year's Eve -- okay, okay, unaccustomed to going out, period.

Now, today, New Year's Day, I hope to relax at least a little bit. There are quite a few new books I need to read!

Happy New Year!