Thursday, December 20, 2007

Through a Door, Foolishly

At last we bid adieu to our old front door. It was warped, it required a hip thrust to shut and a kick to open, it let in a steady stream of cold air even when closed. And it was purple. I love purple, but a purple door that matched NOTHING else on the exterior of the house just looked dumb.

So now we have a lovely new door that matches our blue shutters.

After dinner last night I wanted to see how the door looked from the outside -- the man who installed it had just left, and I was eager to view the finished product. Of course, Sean and Allie had to join me.

You know where this is going, right?

Right. I locked us out of the house.

Nobody was wearing a coat. Allie had on a pair of plastic princess shoes, and Sean just had socks on.

After a quick trip to the back of the house to see if the back door was open (it wasn't), I calmed the kids down ("We're TRAPPED!" Sean kept saying) and tried to figure out where we could go. Fortunately, my friend across the street had just gotten home from work, and as she was hustling her kids in the door, we prevailed upon her to take us in.

The kids spent a marvelous hour playing with their friends while we waited for Jeff to get home and let us back in. In that respect, our adventure turned out to be a lot more fun for them than merely staying in our house would have been.

After Jeff came home and opened a door (not the new door, mind you, the keys for which were still inside the house -- what a pickle we would have been in if we had had all our doors replaced!), we examined the lock to the new door.

Here's where it gets really embarrassing. The door wasn't locked at all; the handle just required quite a bit of force for the first few uses. Ahem.

In my defense, I really had pressed hard on the handle in my attempt to get back in the house. Just not, apparently, hard enough.

When the man who installed the door came back this morning to finish hanging the wood trim, Sean couldn't wait to tell him about the debacle last night. Thanks, kid. As if I weren't feeling sheepish enough!