Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Isn't It Ironic, Doncha Think?

I am a glutton for a guilt trip, so it was with interest that I read an article in the newspaper on ways to make your holiday greener. Since the most effective approach -- something along the lines of not purchasing any presents or decorations at all -- would have made for a short article, the writer focused on the usual exhortations: buy a living tree, then plant it; wrap your presents in fabric; and don't for one second think that you can buy your way out of environmental Armageddon with green products, at Christmas or any other time of year.*

All well and good. However, one might quibble with the juxtaposition of this article and another on the same page: the one that discussed the myriad ways in which today's bigger houses demand taller trees, larger ornaments, more lights, and more decorations.

Guess which article was twice the length of the other?

*Note to self: So much for those LED Christmas lights I bought...