Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend in Numbers, Holiday Edition

2 Number of Thanksgiving delicacies that Sean and I ate for dinner (mashed potatoes and raw carrots for Sean, mashed potatoes and turkey for me).

4 Number of hours spent at the mall on Black Friday. The mall! On Black Friday! Oh, the insanity. I hate malls in general, and I haven't been at a mall on the day after Thanksgiving in years. But at least the kids were with their dad and grandfather and not with me and their grandmother and aunts at the mall. And at least I can now say that I have started Christmas shopping.

4 Number of days without any Internet access. If I ever needed confirmation that I am addicted to the internets (I don't), the past few days made the point nicely.

8 Number of hours it took us to drive home last night. It should take no more than 6, multiple rest stops included. Still, the kids were great in the car. The only complaint we heard was Sean's plaintive question, "Are we going to drive ALL NIGHT LONG?"

221 Number of Bloglines posts awaiting me. That's a lot of boldface! I'll be by to visit soon.

846 Number of times that I wondered whether my kids were showing exceptionally poor behavior during our visit or whether they were merely showing their normal behavior, magnified tenfold by the fact that four extra people were observing it.

In short: We had a fun trip, and it's so good to be home.