Sunday, November 18, 2007

Seven Things

Mac and Cheese tagged me for the Seven Things meme. Not surprisingly, I had a hard time coming up with anything even remotely interesting about myself, let along seven things. You'll see what I mean.

1. I like really hot showers -- even when I was pregnant. Which, I know, is a no-no. Jeff would stick his hand in the shower stream and ask me if I wanted to cook the baby. Hmphh. I also refuse to acknowledge any correlation between the temperature of my showers and the dryness of my skin. That's what body lotion is for.

2. Not that I use body lotion. I do use hand lotion, to keep the deep cracks that tend to develop in my skin at bay, but I just can't be bothered beyond that. As for other cosmetics, my daily staples are concealer, pressed powder, blush, and eyeliner. And at the end of my beauty regimen, my complexion is still somewhere at the corpse-gray end of the spectrum. I rarely wear lipstick unless I'm going to a wedding or some other high-falutin' function. In other words, almost never. I'm not sure why, but the weight of lipstick on my lips drives me crazy.

3. I have had only one real boyfriend in my entire life, and I married him. Playing the field might have its benefits, but so does recognizing a sure thing when you find it.

4. I became an aunt for the first time in 1980. I am slated to become a great-aunt for the first time in early 2008. I've always secretly thought it was very cool to have a nephew who was only 11 years younger than me. Great-aunt, though? Doesn't sound as cool.

5. I am not crafty. Or artistic. Or musical. Or athletic. In short, I can't really do anything at all that involves dexterity of any sort. But hey, I'm good at walking! I love taking long walks. After five days of taking care of the kids for 13 hours a day (give or take), my weekend walks restore my equilibrium.

6. When I am faced with a wide range of choices, my decision-making ability diminishes to a form of paralysis. I'm fairly comfortable with stasis as a result, whether we're talking about the types of dinners I make or the peeling wallpaper in the hallway. Don't make me pick out a paint color!

7. I hate clowns. I can trace the origin back to an episode of Fantasy Island that featured an evil clown. Subsequent exposure to evil clowns, such as Pennywise from Stephen King's It and the possessed clown doll in Poltergeist, clinched the deal.

If you haven't done this meme and would like to, feel free to consider yourself tagged!