Thursday, November 15, 2007

Book Lust, or Just Plain Folly?

Our library was having a book sale. There aren't too many events that bring out the greedy shopper in me, but a library book sale is at the top of that short list.

Allie and I spent an enjoyable half hour or so browsing through the books. She'd pull out books that interested her and present them to me for my opinion. I was feeling benevolent and even allowed her to place three princess books in our bag.

I could tell she, too, was feeling the rush, the glee, at finding a gem amidst the rubble of books. Emerging from underneath a table, she proudly held a book aloft: "Look, Mommy! THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS! I don't believe it!" (We are die-hard Magic School Bus fans around here.)

I was having my own moments of discovery: Ooh, more Amelia Bedelia! Little Bear! Beverly Cleary! Pippi in the South Seas! Should we try Junie B Jones despite the somewhat negative buzz I'd heard? Sure, why not? It's only 50 cents.

(I remember the days when I never even approached the children's book section at the library sale. Now I focus primarily on kiddie lit, with a swift sweep of the grown-up tables if time permits.)

With our books selected, I pulled out my wallet. The prices at the sale are cheap, but $2 was not going to cut it.

I looked at the clock. Thirty minutes till we had to pick up Sean. "Okay, Allie, let's go get some money," I said. I dropped off our books at the checkout station, and we proceeded to our car. In the rain, of course. From there we drove to the closest ATM, pocketed our cash, and drove back to the library. I was carrying Allie, the poky preschooler, at this point. Through the rain, did I mention?

Huffing and puffing from my jog across the parking lot and down the stairs, I retrieved our books. Just in time to hear the person in front of me say, "Who do I make my check out to?"

Oh. They take checks. How about that.


Postscript conversation

Allie: What are these books?
Me: Just some chapter books I bought for when you're a little older.
Allie: Oh, we can read them in case we grow up?
Me: Yep, just in case.