Sunday, November 11, 2007

At the End of the Day

Not in the sense of the trite business-speak cliche. No, I mean literally, at the end of the day. Any day, this one including.

I find that by day's end I have no patience left. It's as if I start each day with a full glass of patience. Throughout the day, the patience drains steadily out of the glass until there are just droplets left.

Droplets that are supposed to sustain me through bedtime. They never do.

Snippy Mommy arrives on the scene around 7:35 each night. Her friends, Sarcastic Mommy, Frazzled Mommy, and Why-are-your-pajamas-not-on-yet-I've-told-you-five-times-to-put-those-pajamas-on Mommy, sometimes show up shortly thereafter.

I do not like these personalities at all. And I imagine that my kids aren't overly fond of them either.

Once the kids have settled in for the night (an important distinction from their merely being in bed), I can feel the glass of patience starting to refill. So apparently I just need a small emergency reservoir to tide me over through the last hour of the day.

Anyone know where to find one?