Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boo 2007 (Or, Next Time, Set Your Watch Fast)

My own little pumpkins had a great day. Except perhaps for a tiny mishap this afternoon.

Sean's school held its annual Halloween parade today. Since Sean is in the morning kindergarten class, he was invited to come back to school for the parade.

The parade was to begin at 1:30. I will admit that we were running a little late, but we still arrived at 1:30. To find THAT THE PARADE WAS ALREADY OVER.

Sean recovered, but he was heartbroken.

It's hard to explain to a weeping 5-year-old that "start at 1:30" apparently means "start at some undisclosed earlier time, so best to arrive super early."

Thank goodness trick or treating, not to mention his general enthusiasm and flair for drama, helped soothe the sting.

Happy Halloween!