Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Forget the Mouse, We're Here for the Princesses

In a practically unheard-of bit spontaneity, we've decided to go to Disney World. This Sunday.

Okay, it's not as if we just planned the trip yesterday, but it was only about 3 weeks ago that Jeff talked me into transforming our idle chitchat about a family trip to Disney World into an actual vacation with booked airline tickets and hotel reservations. This will be the first time we've ever gone on a vacation alone with the kids, and the first one with them that will not involve visiting relatives.

The kids are, how to put it, quivering with excitement. (As I'm writing this, they are chattering about what they're going to see there. Allie just asked if Disney World was a store. "Actually, in a way, yes, it's one big store," I replied. Was that too cynical a response?)

Allie is primarily interested in meeting all the princesses strolling about the park. Every day she asks me if they will talk to her and if they'll know her name. "I think I'll ask Cinderella how old she is," she told me yesterday.

Apparently Allie plans on presenting the Disney cast members with a stiff test of their ability to keep in character: "Now when I see the princesses," Allie said, "I will pull *d*o*w***n my shorts and show them my princess u*n**der*p*a*n*ts so that they can see themselves!"

I gently suggested that we might want to keep that image a private one, but that she could perhaps tell them that she has a princess nightgown instead.

Although I am not the world's biggest Disney fan, I am looking forward to the trip. The heat, perhaps not so much. The crowds and the walking with the kids who complain about walking around the block, not so much either. But if their excitement and anticipation are any indication, they, and we, will have a great time. Sweetening the deal is that we'll also get to visit a friend from college who relocated to Orlando several years ago. That alone would make it worth the trip!

If the planning and the packing consume me for the rest of the week, I'll resurface when we return. Wish us luck!