Friday, July 13, 2007

What Would Happen If I Just Kept Typing?

I am trying not to distract myself from the work at hand.

Clearly I am not trying very hard. Even an accomplished multitasker like myself cannot perform any actual work while typing in the Blogger composing screen.

I even put the kids to bed a little early tonight to afford myself more time to work. They apparently were wise to my motives, for they popped out of bed far more frequently than usual.

It's as if they know their mom has once again overcommitted herself and that their father is ON A PLANE TO PARIS AS WE SPEAK*.

Okay, they actually do know about the Paris bit.

What was my point here? I don't think I have one, as a matter of fact. My sole purpose in starting this post was to procrastinate. And having done that, I guess I'll stop wasting your time as well.

See you next time, when I just might have something to say. Hey, it could happen.

*Please forgive the All-Caps of Envy.