Tuesday, July 10, 2007

That's Not My Bag, Baby...

... But chances are you if you look hard enough you'll find it here.

Because we are overrun with bags here. I just took stock. In Bag Central, I mean, the laundry room, we have:

* Pool bag (stuffed with towels of varying stages of dryness, practically empty bottle of sunscreen, and one of two sets of swim goggles [the other is always missing])
* Beach bag (awaiting a trip to the beach with a tube of expired sunscreen and size 9-months swimmy diapers for that infant we no longer have)
* Camp bag for Allie
* Camp bag for Sean (if I ever had my act together these would be prepacked the night before; that's happened once so far)
* Camp lunch bag for Allie
* Camp lunch bag for Sean
* Library bag (just about too small for the groaning load of books we haul home each time)
* Church bag (books to occupy Allie through the sermon if we're lucky)
* Swim class bag (on hiatus for the summer)
* Backpack for Sean (Should I be a tightwad anticonsumerist parent and have him use the same one for kindergarten that he used for both years of preschool? Should I give in to his plea to carry a character backpack instead of the woefully unadorned one I selected two years ago?)

The best part? Except for Sean's backpack, we didn't pay for a single one of these bags: they're all conference give-aways that Jeff has procured over the years. So I feel a little less guilty about the plethora of bags. At least we're putting them all to good use, right?