Monday, July 23, 2007

Catching Up

So, hi, how are ya?

I hadn't realized that a whole week has passed since my last post. It's been a fun week, at least:

The Blogger Meet-ups

Plural, did you see that? I got to see Liesl (and meet her adorable new baby) on Monday, and on Thursday I ventured northward to see Chichimama and Kate. I love meeting blog friends in person!

The Concert

Not plural, but that's okay. Jeff and I saw the Police this past week as well. Fabulous, and not even after adjustment for the average age of the band members (59).

The Books

When was the last time I could pluralize that word in reference to what I read in the span of a week? I did decide the finish The Post-Birthday World. The desire to find out what happened with each storyline won out over my annoyance with all the characters.

Oh, and that other book? Finished it yesterday despite the intrusions of those pesky kids of mine. Quick assessment: I recognize its flaws, but liked it very much anyway. And now feel oddly bereft at the prospect of no more Harry Potter to look forward to.

The Ballgame

Minor league baseball is so much cheaper than the major league! And much cheesier, but, to use my sister-in-law's favorite phrase, you'll have that. It helps that our team, losing the entire game, won in the bottom of the ninth with a two-run homerun.

So there you have it. My Not-So-Boring Week in a Boring Nutshell. Now, what shall we do on this rainy Monday?