Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well, How Did I Get Here?

Sean and Allie seem intermittently fascinated with Life Before Them. They love to hear about where Mommy and Daddy's lived pre-children -- first in an apartment and then in our current house. Their concept of time is so hazy that it's hard for them to grasp this vast expanse of years in which they did not exist. Or, for that matter, that at one point they hadn't existed at all.

Allie asked me today where (as in "Where in the Grand Scheme of the Universe") she was when we lived in our apartment.

"Was I in your belly?"

"No, not yet. You weren't even in my belly yet."

"Was I?" asked Sean.

"No, you weren't in my belly yet, either."

"Well then where was I?" Allie pressed.

I am not so good with the cosmic questions.

"Ummmm.... You weren't really anywhere yet."

"Was I a baby yet?"

"No, well, it's hard to explain, but..." Lordy, do I have to explain birds and bees already?

"Oh! Was I an egg?"

"No, not an egg yet."

"When I was an egg I was sad."

(Relieved that the conversation seems to be veering away from existential issues): "Why were you sad?"

"Because when I was an egg I wanted to be a baby. But now I'm a kid, so, no need to worry!" Having finished with this line of inquiry, she resumes pretending she is the Little Mermaid.

Phew! No worries, indeed.