Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fears, They Have a Few...

Over the past few weeks Allie has indicated that she is not overly enthusiastic about the prospect of becoming an adult.

The latest hint came today at lunchtime: "Mommy, I don't want to grow up."

"Why's that?" I asked.

"I don't like grownups."

"What about them don't you like?"

"Well, I don't like the way they brush their teeth."


Ever since Jeff's 2-week sojourn to Europe earlier this month, Sean has been anxious about bedtime. His well-established ritual used to consist of falling asleep within 5 minutes of his head hitting the pillow. Now, however, he's been slinking out of his room in search of one more hug. Or, better yet, company. "I don't like to sleep alone," he tells me each night.

Tonight, I poked my head into his room to see if he was asleep. I found an empty bed, and a boy stretched out on the floor next to it.

"Why are you on the floor?"

"Well, I ... I just ... I thought that this way I won't see the dark night sky." I glanced at his window -- the curtain, pulled over a few inches to let in some fresh air, was indeed exposing the inky black sky.

"Look, I can just slide the curtain over, and then you won't see the sky."

"Oh, yes! That makes me feel MUCH better. Thanks, Mommy."

One day the anxieties won't be so easily assuaged. Till then, I'll relish my ability to dispel his fears with snuggling and with closing the curtains.