Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If I Only Had a Brain...

I have fallen far short of my original expectations of my blog. It seems that as time passes I have less time for writing posts that attempt something beyond a complaint about my children or a charming anecdote about my children. I wonder, though, if this is actually a time management problem or instead symptomatic of my shallow intellect.

So imagine my surprise and delight to find out that Dana tagged me as a Thinking Blogger.

I'm truly flattered that someone has found something of value in my blog, especially someone whose own posts always make me think. Now, of course, the pressure is on to live up to this lovely button. It's good to have a challenge.

Part of the deal is to select five other bloggers who similarly inspire me. What a near-impossible task! Not to sound snobby, but I only read bloggers who are funny and erudite and thoughtful. But I'll play along nicely and pick a few, ones who I don't think have already been chosen as Thinking Bloggers. For each one, I've also added a link to an especially think--worthy post.

Bumblebee Sweet Potato: Dare to Care
Half Changed World: The Personal Is (Still) Political
Just Another Day: Saturday Soapbox
Daughter of Opinion: Entitlement
Peaceable Imperatrix: Too Much Info

Thanks again, Dana!