Thursday, March 15, 2007

How Well Do You Know Me?

As seen lots of places, the “four statements are true, one is false” meme. Pick which factoid about me that you think is a great big lie.

1. I cannot abide sheets or blankets that are not tucked underneath the mattress. If they become untucked during the night it almost always wakes up. The comforter is the only item allowed to remain untucked.

2. I am separated from Billy Bob Thorton by about three, and no more than four, degrees.

3. One of my proudest achievements in college was reading Ulysses. Okay, okay, with lots and lots of footnotes. And I didn’t really understand the whole thing. But still.

4. I have never lived by myself.

5. I can’t stand having dirty dishes stacked in my kitchen sink. They must be quickly dispatched to the dishwasher or I start to twitch.