Sunday, February 11, 2007

From the To Be Deleted Folder

I never fail to be at least marginally amused by the subject lines of the spam e-mails that land in my in-box. Some recent favorites:

Shunt irritable
cursed bottom line
chaos memorable
Nobody on the team could hear
Thanksgiving shush
puff substitute
Blockbuster imperati

I don't know what these e-mails actually concern because I never open them. Others are a bit less opaque, such as the endless pleas from beleaguered officials from African nations who desperately need an influx of funds. Or the proliferation of lottery notifications. I'd be a billionare by now if I ever chose to claim those lotto winnings.

Mostly I am perplexed that anyone, anywhere, would respond to spam like this. Ever. Is there really anyone so gullible?

Gotten any good spam lately?