Saturday, February 17, 2007


I thought I'd take advantage of my ghost-town status to vent my spleen a bit.

I've been feeling annoyed lately.

I'm annoyed by the "organic food and local food, and better yet food plucked from the ground by your own hands, is best/you who eat prepared food are inferior beings corrupted by corporate farming" ethos.

And yet I'm also annoyed at the insidious inundation of character licensing deals and foot-long lists of artificial ingredients in food products.

I'm annoyed by the whole hip parent brouhaha and the implication that shodding one's child in Chuck Taylors is short-hand for enlightened rejection of those inherently distasteful mainstream parenting mores.

And yet I'm annoyed by a lot of "mainstream" parenting mores.

I'm annoyed by overintellectualizing and snotty dismissal of every single educational philosophy, blip on the cultural radar, and societal trend currently bedeviling the world.

And yet anti-intellectualism and the trashiness of pop culture annoy me too.

I'm annoyed at myself for feeling guilty over every single decision I make, whether it's the choice to buy Oreos or to let my kids watch some TV.

And yet I'm annoyed at my apparent inability to live a better, more socially responsible life. (I think that's what this whole post is about.)

(Why do I now feel so vulnerable for having written a cranky post that might offend someone? I live in fear of doing that, in case it hasn't been obvious. Sigh. I am so not the one to lead the revolution...)