Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of... NOW WITH ADDENDUM

..."Mommy, I have to use the potty!"

Allie uttered those words for the first time this morning. After several days of accidents, soaked clothing, and puddles on the floor, she actually used the potty of her own volition. This is also a first.

Is this the dawn of a new Pull-up-free day I see breaking on the horizon? Or a curious statistical outlier?

Only Allie knows, and she's not telling.

Edited to add:
No time for real post, but wanted to let all the well-wishers know that we had an accident-free day today. Allie and I spent more time in the bathroom today than I would have thought humanly possible. (A convenient way to really appreciate just how badly it needs to be cleaned.) She is learning, I think, how to pay attention to the signals her body sends, and sometimes she flies to the bathroom at the first hint that something might be happening. "I'm so proud of myself!" she told me today. Me, too.