Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Thanks for all the congratulatory sentiments regarding the Brave New Pullup-free (Except for Nighttime) World. It's almost as if a switch has been thrown: once Allie decided to use the potty for pretty much the first time, it's been fairly smooth sailing. She now knows when to go and ushers me out the bathroom door: "I can do this myself, Mommy." At long last.

Beyond potty training I haven't much to say. I admit to ignorning some blog reading over the past week in favor of those stupid Weffriddles I'd read about at jo(e)'s, Phantom's, and Chichimama's blogs. And I don't even LIKE puzzles. What an addictive time waster. At any rate, I will be blasting through my close-to-bursting Bloglines feeds any time now;
I owe many people a visit!

Well, that was a short blogging window -- the troops have returned from their bagel trek, and it appears that my presence is requested downstairs for the unwrapping of the dough products. Can't have enough dough-based foods, that's our motto around here.