Friday, December 01, 2006

Second Time Is Not the Least Bit Charmed

I haven't really discussed, or perhaps only fleetingly, the utter disinterest with which Allie regards potty training. Throughout the months-long, circuitous path toward continence that we traveled with Sean when he was 3, I would think, "Well, with Allie it will be easier."

(Wow, do you hear the Fates laughing, too?)

No bribe, consumerist or gastronomic, entices her. If she agrees to do so at all, she will sit unproductively on the potty chair for a few seconds before popping up. "Nothing's coming out," she'll report.

I will admit to not forcing the issue. Depending on whether I want to pardon or scold myself, I chalk this up to sensitive parenting or to sheer laziness.

Perhaps I should reconsider the former assessment given Allie's comment to my sister today. Kathie always encourages Allie to use the potty when Allie is at her house. When she asked Allie to use the potty today, Allie replied, "No, I've lost my confidence."

I guess I need to add self-esteem boosting to my potty training curriculum.