Sunday, December 17, 2006

Random Cuteness

Allie is rarely alone. At any given time you will see her clutching an armful of stuffed animals, dolls, trains, books, or random detritus from around the house. This is especially true as she travels from first floor to second and vice-versa. Sometimes, though, she overestimates how much she can actually carry. The other day, I heard a plaintive cry at the bottom of the stairs:

"Mommy, I have too many stuffs!"


We are all about the Christmas music these days. We are fortunate unbelievably unlucky to have TWO all Christmas music, all the time, radio stations. Since our CD player in the car is broken, we rely on these stations for our holiday tune fix while driving around. Sean and Allie are still a bit puzzled as to just why they can't coax their favorite songs to come out of the radio upon demand. "But I want Little Drummer Boy!" said an exasperated Sean upon hearing that unfortunate remake of "Last Christmas" (who on earth felt a pressing need to muck about with that George Michael classic, I ask you?). Allie had a similar request:

"Mommy, I want that song."

"Which song, sweetie?"

"THAT one! From yesterday!"

"I don't think I know which one you mean. How did it go?"

"You know! The one by the Monkey Chips!"

"Ummm, no, I don't think I know that ... OH! You mean the Chipmunks?"

"Yeah! The Chipmunks! I want them to play that one."

And to think that, five days later, we still haven't heard it again.