Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oh, for Those Carefree Stroller Days

Will someone kindly remind me, the next time I think it's even remotely feasible, that going into a store that does not provide shopping carts is NOT A GOOD IDEA, especially in December? That no matter how readily the kids agree to the "stay close to me" arrangement beforehand, they are no more capable of doing so than composing a sonata? That their game of "house" (wherein each child claims residence underneath a rack of clothing) is cute for about 30 seconds, the amount of time it takes for the clothing to start falling off the racks in clumps? And, for the love of heaven, that taking them to a store that actually has a full-size, well-equipped tent set up next to the children's clothing section is nothing short of insanity? Could you do that for me?