Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Deck the Halls

Mostly because Alissa asked, here are some glimpses of what we've been up to lately. Everything looks much better in person; I appear to have not been born with the "takes good photos" gene.

This post was supposed to incorporate the photographs, but Blogger isn't letting me post photos. Most frustrating! So instead I give you links. Sorry about that.

Not that you can tell from the photo, but our tree is really quite pretty. Allie loved helping decorate the tree this year; Sean lost interest after discovering the Star Wars ornaments. Apparently it's a lot more fun to fly Boba Fett around the tree than to hang him from a hook on a branch.

The mantel, complete with stocking holders that will tip over if a butterfly so much as flaps its wings in the general vicinity. Allie pulled hers down 35 seconds after I put it up; fortunately the injury was a mild and not very visible one. There's a story about the lights on the garland that after getting over his fit of laughter Jeff told me I should blog about. But really, all you need to know is that unwittingly having two extension cords going at the same time might lead you to assume that the lights are broken, take them all off the garland, and replace them with new lights.

Painted popsicle stick tree ornaments. The craft not even I could mess up.

The Christmas trees that were originally going to be wreaths. Not bad for third-runners-up!

The preschool craft bonanza that Sean brought home today. The kids were really busy this year! The hanging scroll is my favorite; I almost cried when I saw those little handprints. It's something I know I'll be hanging proudly even when Sean is 22.

And, speaking of pride, last but not least, the world's saddest sugar cookies. This is the first time I've ever rolled out dough -- it didn't go well. However, the kids enjoyed cutting out the shapes and dumping 30 tablespoons of sugar on each one. And at least they tasted pretty good.