Monday, November 20, 2006

Wireless and Desktop-Free

Guess where I'm blogging from? My kitchen counter! After talking about it for over a year, we finally took the laptop plunge. This is, I must say, very cool. Blogging flexibility notwithstanding, this new gadget should make it easier for me to work during the day, and not only during those hours here and there designated just for work.

This keyboard will take some getting used to, I think. And I am eagerly awaiting the wireless mouse, shipped separately. This trackpad business doesn't much appeal to me! I now realize just how much of my facility with Word depends on a certain set of physical manipulation skills. With a differently oriented keyboard and trackpad instead of a mouse, it's as if I am facing a learning curve all over again.

Okay, enough blogging. Looks like I've got to use this thing for work now. I hope to resurface with an interesting post someday!