Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This Post Deserves No Title

Did you ever begin a post with no specific point in mind? I usually have an idea before I begin writing, and sometimes I even compose most of a post in my head. It just pops out full-blown. Rather like Athena! Okay, maybe not so grandiose as that.

Today is not one of those inspired posting days.

One might wonder why I'm even here, tapping out what appears to be stream-of-consciousness effluvia.

Ooh, I know, here's a topic: the election! I'm feeling moderately happy about the outcomes, especially the ouster of Santorum. As a preliminary civics lesson, I took the kids with me to vote yesterday. We all pushed the red button to cast the vote. This is the second election with touch-screen voting for us; before we had mechanical machines that registered your vote with a decisive Whirl! Thunk! and dramatic reopening of the booth curtain. It's a lot more silent and a little less impressive now. Sean even remembered this morning to ask me if the people we voted for won. Mostly, yes. Now we'll see if they can live up to the promise of sweeping change.

(Interlude while I stare at the screen...)

Nope. That's it. Nothing else seems to be forthcoming. I'll be back when my jumble of thoughts coalesces into something a little more compelling.