Monday, November 13, 2006

Spectacle, Now with Visual Aid

Thanks to TB's suggestion, at the end of this post I've added a photo of the glasses, sported by our resident fashion model, Squeaky Mouse. I can neither confirm nor deny that Photoshop was used to enhance Ms. Mouse's appearance during post-production. Is it so hard to believe that some select model citizens just come by that neon green complexion naturally?

Hey, did I tell you that I got new glasses last week? (Feel free to suppress the urge to respond, in kind, "Hey, having trouble finding material to blog about?")

My previous pair was about 8 years old; the lenses were scratched, and one of the nose pieces had broken off, irreparably.

I decided I wanted to go for a slightly more updated look, something along the lines of her eyewear. Although I fear that without her perfect highlighting and comedic sensibility I may have wound up with something more along these lines.

Okay, the glasses aren't that bad. I actually think they're pretty cool. Even if they're very very similar to the ones my sister had in seventh grade in 1970.