Friday, November 10, 2006

Random Bullets of Petty Annoyances

* Cold-induced voicelessness. I seem to have slid right past Kathleen Turner and smack into unintelligibly raspy.

* Kids who can't grasp the whole "sick" and "can't talk" concept and persist in yelling my name frantically at the top of the stairs over and over and over again until I pull my weakened body from the couch, trudge upstairs, and find out that the crisis concerns a book that is not on the bookshelf where I said it was.

* Freaking Word and its equally persistent attempts to turn my asterisks into a bulleted list. Stop trying to think for me, stupid word processing program!

* The Little Mermaid, speaking of voicelessness. If I have to see that insipid Ariel and her ridiculously large and sparkling eyes, self-effacing head dips, and faux coyness with the man of her dreams, I … well, I guess I'll just complain about it. But still. I've already commented to Sean that I think it's a shame Ariel is the one who has to give up her life under the sea and leave her family forever when Eric could just as easily have become a merman.

* Clothes. Why am I the only one in this house who can put clothes away? Why do we have so many clothes and yet I wear the same pair of jeans or yoga pants every day? You'd think with the clothing glut I'd at least have something decent to wear. And why am I so spoiled that this "problem" warrants even a blip on the whining radar? Entitlement run amuck, that's why.

Aren't you glad you clicked over today? Maybe it's just being sick that's making me so cranky. Yes, I'm sure that's it. If I were one of my kids I'd encourage a nap right about now. Do you think they'd notice it I actually took one? Hey, I can dream…