Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Glub Glub

I feel like I keep popping up above the surface of the ocean to spout a few meaningless words before succumbing to the undertow once again.

(Gig gulp of air to sustain me)

I am so not in the Christmas spirit. I've been reading blogs in fits and spurts lately, and when I do, I encounter all these people who are not just thinking about Christmas but also doing Christmas-y stuff: shopping, wrapping, decorating... Then there's me. I've bought one Christmas present. Oh, and I've started singing Christmas songs with the kids.

I commented at Chichimama's that it's as if Christmastime is this thing that is happening to other people, not to me. I'm the bemused holiday bystander.

Maybe when Jeff returns from his business trip. Maybe when I finish some looming work projects. It would be nice to enjoy the season instead of rushing about feeling as if the guillotine were about to come whooshing down. Yeah, I need to work on the holiday spirit thing.

And, speaking of work the undertow, there's that insistent tug again...