Thursday, October 12, 2006

That's Quite Enough Whining from You, Missy

Inside my head, if you listened closely, you'd hear a tiring litany of woes, none blogworthy, all small-minded. One of these is the charming "Life is not supposed to be completely devoid of fun, is it?"

Yes, the voices in my head are prone to making such absurd, melodramatic statements. Most of the time I try not to pay much attention to this inner drama queen.

The small complaint lurking underneath this over-the-top sentiment is that I don't get out much. I take care of the kids, and I work. That's about it. Now, of course I should be ashamed to admit this -- I delight in my kids, I like my work, I have a great life. Kvetching about the fact that I don't ever go to the movies? Cry me a river, I know.

So. Now that I have completely annoyed you with my privileged middle-class whining, I thought I'd compound it by sharing some good news that will, if nothing else, prevent me from moaning about this particular subject for a while.

Looks like Jeff and I are going to Rome. Alone.

The opportunity just kind of landed in our laps. Jeff has a whirlwind European business trip commencing next week -- London, Budapest, and Brussels. Since there's a lull between his trips to the latter two cities, he came up with the brilliant idea of having me join him somewhere over the pond for a long weekend.

I initially rejected the idea (at least in my head) because of child care concerns, and then over not wanting to leave the kids for four days. I've never been away from either of them for more than one night. But it seemed foolish to pass up this chance to travel, especially since Jeff's and my 10-year wedding anniversary in May went largely uncelebrated. (The ability to cash in frequent flyer miles made it even harder to turn down...) So, we cobbled together a child care team, consisting of my brother- and sister-in-law over the weekend and my mom for the next two days. In a little over a week, to Rome I go!

(The kids will be okay without me, right? Even though they've both developed barnacle tendencies lately and have to give me 100 hugs even when I'm just leaving the house to go to the store?)