Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Desperate Doll House Wives

We gave Allie a dollhouse for her birthday. For one composed almost entirely of plastic, it's pretty nice -- lots of cute touches like a padded window seat, awnings, and window boxes with removable flowers.

We have some concerns about the residents, however.

As soon as the four-member Doll family was unwrapped, Mr. Doll began behaving a little peculiarly. Instead of entering his house through the front door, he scaled the outside of it like a ninja, stealthily stealing (all right, crashing) into the top floor bedroom.

The next day I spotted Ms. Doll bundling her twin babies into the back seat of a convertible. Without car seats. And at the wheel? NOT her husband. Oh, no. It was Mr. Incredible, looking far too smug for my taste. The four of them took off for a drive while a cuckolded Mr. Doll remained in the house.

Things have gotten even weirder, because Mr. Incredible now lives in the house with the Doll family. He "sleeps" in the family room, I'm told, but I've seen him in the master bedroom, too.

I just don't think these are OUR kind of people. Hmphh.