Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Day, It Just Keeps Getting Better

I love my children. To the ends of the earth I would travel for them. Goliath I would slay for them.

But if I hear someone whine "Mommmmmmeeeeee!" one more time today I will bite someone's head off.

Bedtime is soon, bedtime is soon, bedtime is soon.


Not soon enough, apparently. While I was typing this, wails arose from the bathtub. At first Allie merely seemed afraid of the possibility of the water draining from the bathtub. Then I deduced her true concern -- let's just say the foreign object floating in the tub would have been more at home in another part of the bathroom.

So now I have two traumatized children on my hands, not to mention a bathtub plus enough plastic fish to stock a large aquarium to disinfect after they go to bed.

(Tonight's scatalogical follies brought to you by the letters "E" and "W".)