Friday, September 29, 2006

When Three Bloggers Meet

What do you get when you mix three bloggers with two four-year-olds, two almost-three-year-olds, and one two-year-old?

Chaos, you say? A complete inability to have anything resembling an adult conversation?

I'd have thought the same thing, too, but you and I would both have been wrong, wrong, wrong.

Yesterday I had my first multi-blogger meetup, with Liesl and Chichimama. I'm always nervous about setting my kids loose among other children -- experience has taught me that they are loath to share a single toy unless their mother pries it from their tight clutches or embarks on extensive negotiations about how long who can have what. But all the kids got along great; I was so proud of them, and so pleased to be able to see Liesl again and meet Chichimama for the first time.

(Okay, a compunction for full disclosure impels me to divulge that the "getting along great" thing had one exception: one little toy scuffle instigated by, of course, my grabby daughter. But at least it was short-lived, unlike some other sharing incidents we've recently weathered.)

Chichimama was as warm and personable and smart as you'd expect from her blog. I was so impressed that she was able to come, what with her impending move and unsold house and all! Her kids, C and A, are just adorable. Liesl's son Liam was quite the gracious host, sharing all his toys without any complaints.

Now if only I could replicate this play date with the ones we have with kids in our neighborhood...