Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Post Birthday Secrets

I should know by now not to divulge even the most benign of secrets to my kids.
Yesterday was Jeff's birthday. Late in the afternoon the kids and I made a cake and wrapped his presents. The kids created cards for him (Oh the trauma! What should have been a fun activity ended in a fit of tears over perceived artistic limitations -- Sean was inconsolable over his inability to draw a fish. Not that he had even tried drawing a fish before deciding he JUST CAN'T DO IT, MOMMY!)


Right before Jeff came home I told the kids that I wanted to reserve the cake as a surprise -- "Let's not tell him till after dinner."

Jeff had barely gotten out of the car when Sean and Allie shouted out the door, "We made a cake for you! It's in the dining room! Come see!"

Later, as I was pulling out Jeff's presents, I heard Sean inform him, "I'll help you open the shirt!" Not one to pass up an opportunity to combat her brother and jockey for primary position, Allie shouted "No! I will open the shirt! I will!" You can imagine Jeff's shock when he pulled away the tissue paper and found out that he had received, yes, a shirt.

I guess I should be impressed with the kids' attempt at circumspection over the next gift. They waited till Jeff was opening it to helpfully point out, "It's a book, Daddy!"

At least they didn't realize what one gift was (season 4 of The Shield), so I got away with one surprise. I suppose it's no wonder preschoolers don't make the best espionage agents.