Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fragile Fall Morning

What seemed like a pleasant Mommy and daughter morning while Sean is in preschool has spiraled downward into yet another Tantrumpalooza.


We went for a pleasant fall walk. We settled into building with blocks. Tra la la la. Then, the laws of physics presented themselves to the novice architect. Unable to bend the space-time continuum to her whim and unwilling to accept that you cannot really fashion a solid foundation with the wedge- and triangle-shaped blocks, Allie did what any respectable egomaniacal professional would do: she threw a hissy fit. And some blocks for good measure.

The prospect of a snack seemed momentarily soothing, till she discovered the true incompetence of the household staff -- there are no cereal bars on the premises. And nothing, NOTHING, else will do. More tears over the injustice of it all. She was persuaded to accept a graham cracker, no, she means an animal cracker, no, no, NO, NO, for the love of heaven, NO! Not that animal cracker!

A quick trip to her bed to calm down appears to have done the trick. She is now sitting behind me, in the same chair, tracing circular patterns on my back.

We're going to try snack again. Wish us luck.