Friday, June 16, 2006

Sleep Delays His Life, Apparently*

For those you still tuning in despite the paucity of content lately, here's the latest wrinkle as we celebrate 1 week without tonsils or adenoids.

Night terrors.

One to three hours after Sean falls asleep, he wakes up crying and thrashing. No amount of comforting soothes him; he barely seems to acknowledge my presence or Jeff's; he remains stiff as a board if we try to hug or hold him. It lasts about 10 or 15 minutes, we've learned, and if we ride it out he falls back to sleep. Repeat this scenario two or three times per night, ending with a wakeup time of 5:00 or so.

We are all exhausted. It's like living with a baby again, and I am totally out of practice with sustaining myself on 2-hour chunks of sleep.

On the Internet I've discovered some anecdotal correlations between anesthesia and subsequent night terrors in young children. I know night terrors do develop around this age, and Sean's never had them before. Coincidence? It's almost as if he's reliving the waking-up-from-anesthesia experience.

Last night was a little better -- only one wakeup during the night and sleeping in till 6:30. We've learned not to let him fully wake up to watch TV, a mistake that resulted in the worst night ever for him. Plus there is only so much Caillou's Holiday Movie one can reasonably withstand. (We are on our sixth viewing of that seasonal classic in the past 2 days. I fear that this convalescence, with its dispensation of our usual TV-watching limits, is breeding a serious TV junkie in Sean.)

Thanks for continuing to send your good thoughts our way. I'll continue to prop my eyes open with toothpicks to keep you updated.

*Note to self: must stop lazily using REM lyrics as post titles.