Monday, May 29, 2006

Well, Well, Well, Look What the Cat Dragged In

Technically I should not really be here. I'm not sure if I've ever taken this long a blogging break without having been on vacation. I've nothing terribly exciting to report: I finished editing the book, but not before having to get an extension because I was sick for three days last week. It's May, for heaven's sake -- there should be no flu-like illnesses in May. Had I been up to blogging you'd have gotten an earful of complaints about how everything was completely falling apart in my life. Lordy, it would have been a painful read. Everything seems on much more even a keel now -- what a difference a normal body temperature makes!

Anyway, it hasn't all been work and illness. I had two fun blogger meet-ups, with Liesl and Landismom. The playdate at Liesl's could have been subtitled "Stupid Human Tricks," after I somehow got her son's propeller-operated bubble toy ensnared in my own hair. Yes, I did this to myself; I cannot blame this on my kids. Liesl very patiently untangled my hair and was gracious enough not to laugh at me.

Landismom and I went to a street fair in her town -- a very, shall we say, well-attended street fair. She had the foresight to bring a stroller for her son, whereas I shattered every last nerve in my psyche keeping track of Sean and a stroller-free Allie amid the throng of people. Still, the kids had a good time. Even if a ride operator had to stop the helicopter ride because Allie was sobbing. The problem was not that she disliked the ride but merely that she disliked the color of the helicopter in which she sat.

I have a lot of catching up to do; sorry I haven't been visiting anyone lately. I'll be by this week sometime after I finish a few more projects. I've been so removed from blogging that I even missed the fact that Midwestern Deadbeat had her baby. Welcome, Squig!