Friday, April 14, 2006

We're All about Coordinating Colors around Here

My fellow fashionistas, you know how important it is for an ensemble to match in one way or another, right? Even if, say, you find that the currently in vogue complementary colors are a wee bit garish (not pointing any fingers, designers, but the turquoise and brown combo springs to mind).

Well, for Allie's navy blue, white polka dot Easter dress, we seem to have inadvertently stumbled upon a lovely complementary background color: pink, as in the bumpy rash of scarlet fever.

The doctor took one look at Allie and said she was 99% sure that the culture would come back positive for strep. If only all diagnoses were so easy! So, antibiotics have commenced, and Allie is actually acting only a little sick. She's also developed this adorable throaty voice -- I've been calling her Kathleen Turner.

Whether she'll even be donning her Easter dress for church and dinner at my sister's remains to be seen.

Gotta run -- the patient is crying!