Sunday, April 09, 2006

Updates, but I'm Running Low on Coherence So Bear with Me

Update from the health front: Jeff's dad is doing okay; he's still in the hospital, but the anticoagulant treatment seems to have stabilized the situation. His kidneys also have returned to normal function. Still no overarching diagnosis, but at least he's out of immediate danger. He's been in good spirits each time I've talked to him on the phone. He can be rather, umm, prickly, but he's always quite stoic about whatever health problem befalls him. One characteristic comment from the other day: "Oh, I'm doing great. It's just my body that's falling apart."

I think Jeff's mom is glad to have Jeff and his brother there with her after a week of tending to everything essentially by herself. Jeff's sister still lives at home, but since she's taking this scare pretty hard I don't know how much my mother-in-law has wanted to share the burden with her. (Some background to clarify, by the way: Jeff and his brother are in their mid-thirties; their two sisters are 19 and 22. Same parents, in case you were wondering. Until about 1992, the whole family lived in New Jersey. Then Jeff's dad was transferred to Pittsburgh; parents and sisters moved, Jeff and his brother stayed here. Extensive interstate travel ensued, leading one of my father-in-law's doctors to hypothesize that his blood clot arose from those long stretches of driving-induced inactivity. Hogwash, says another of his doctors. So much for medical consensus.)

Anyway! Switching gears now...

Sean's kiddie party was on Saturday. We went to an indoor playground that Sean loves. It was, and I am not being sarcastic, tons o' fun. Even for me, once I got over an extreme bout of ridiculous melancholy over the high "nay" count among invitees. Only four kids were able to come, a much smaller party than I had envisioned. Among my many melodramatic thoughts was "how unfair that Sean has gotten stuck with a parent who is such a loser that she can't even find children to attend his party". Oh, it was like junior high inside my brain, you should have been there. Once I found my way back to adulthood, I accepted the situation with at least a smidge of grace. And Sean had a blast, which is all that matters.

Thanks for all the kind words about Jeff's dad and about my sad state of blog affairs. I really appreciate it. You guys are terrific!