Thursday, April 20, 2006

Slightly Belated Blogging Biennial

Without my even paying any heed, this blog turned two years old a few days ago. As I tend to do with important dates for actual people, I plum forgot about this second blogiversary.

Come to think of it, I forgot about the first one, too.

It's hard to imagine not blogging -- it's become such an ingrained part of my life. I've never successfully kept a journal for more than a few months, and I'm a little pleased with myself that I've been able to chronicle parts of my life and my kids' lives so consistently.

Before I started blogging I felt that my head was going to explode with all the unexpressed thoughts flailing about. I don't feel that way any longer, and I have the blog to thank.

Most important to me, though, is the amazing set of readers who brighten my day, every day. Your support and your friendship mean the world to me. I didn't realize the community I'd been lacking until I found this one. So, even though I moan more or less continuously about my own feelings of inadequacy, please know that things would be really morose in my house if I were just on my own!

Onward and upward, and other uplifting closing sentiments...