Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Multiple choice:

Who is sick in the Mimilou household?

a. Sean
b. Allie
c. Suzanne
d. All of the above

What symptoms have been manifested?

a. Fever
b. Body aches
c. Headaches
d. Coughing
e. Copious mucus production
f. Vomiting
g. All of the above

Who was sick for his 4th birthday party and wound up falling asleep midway through?

a. Jeff
b. Sean

Who is feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and wants someone to take care of her, darn it, even if admitting it makes her sound like a spoiled brat?

a. Sean
b. Suzanne

(Okay, those last two were freebies.)

How'd you do? I bet you got a 100 on this quiz!

Still, moments of cuteness emerge from the sick bay. Today, one day after she threw up, Allie said, "Mommy? You remember when I threw up? And I threw up on the couch? And I threw up on the floor? Remember that? And I had to get a bath? And I was upset?"

Why, yes, sweetie, I do remember that. Poor thing.

Here's hoping tomorrow's better...