Saturday, March 18, 2006

On a Brighter Note

Lest you think that we are just one fingernail grip away from plunging into the abyss, there have been some moments of levity lately:

Allison and Sean have become Elton John groupies (all it took was 20+ viewings of Bob the Builder: A Christmas to Remember, featuring a claymation Elton John, complete with star-shaped glasses). They adorably mangle the lyrics to "Crocodile Rock" (". . . had an old gold chair an' place of my own. . .") while pounding away on our completely out of tune piano. Allie's been walking around saying, "I'm Elton John! I'm the plano player!"


Allie's also crafting songs of her own. Here are the words to her most recent composition: "He does it all the time. He really really does it all the time. He does it allllll the tiiime. And he really really really does."


Yesterday, after another failed attempt to find a few decent spring outfits for the kids at the mall (why why oh WHY must toddler girl clothes be miniature versions of teenaged clothes? I just want my little girl to look like a little girl, not a tiny hoochie mama), the kids threw some pennies into the fountain. Before each toss, Sean whispered loudly, "I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to go to Friendly's for dinner." Three pennies, three identical wishes. My heart just melted over this very simple, sweet, innocent, and, most important, easily fulfillable wish.


At the playground recently, Sean made two friends almost right away. I'm amazed at how smoothly he can go up to children and introduce himself. Last year he would have tried hiding from them. Anyway, he and his two new buddies were running madly around the playground, trailed by a very determined Allie. She did her best to keep up with the older boys. They didn't quite ignore her but also didn't make any great attempts to include her, either. She did not seem daunted in the least: "Guys, guys! Wait up, guys! I'm coming!"